Air Cargo Brokerage
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Flight Professionals have been engaged in new and used aircraft sales and has been under continuous mandate since it's conception. We have facilitated sales and have a robust system in place to protect our customers and  when combined with our experience, adds speed and efficiency. 



Flight Professionals are an established aircraft charter brokerage based in the UK. We source cargo aircraft worldwide based on our customers needs. 

We have worked on several projects regarding the lease of cargo aircraft, full charters as well as ACMI. Recently we’ve completed deals exceeding $65,000,000.

We are in close contact with various operators and broker partners. We have a large database of prices to make sure you are never paying more than you should. 


Why choose Flight Professionals?

Flight Professionals Other Brokers
Promises are easy, we commit ourselves until the charter is finished Leave you as soon as the contract has been signed
We find what you are looking for Try to sell you what they have access to
We connect parties in aviation Only work with a few partners
We have an extensive network of aircraft operators, mechanical experts, engineering services, ferry flight specialists, training schools and close partnerships with many experts in the field Have little or no access to a global support network
We always do our due diligence to minimise risk for all parties involved. We keep and update a list of scammers and share them with the broker community No due diligence and no bank account checking
We make personal attention our priority Often stop communicating once their commission is paid
We have over 40 years of experience in aviation Often have little experience and few connections to the detriment of their customers